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Implementing Page Redirects with react-router-dom with TypeScript

Hello hello lovely internet people — I am absolutely ASHAMED that I have not put out another article for a couple of months (╥﹏╥).

If you’re still very kindly following and/or reading this, I thank you for your support —your encouragement means a lot and I’ll try my best to…

Part 2 of 2 — Editing the flex item’s properties

Cover image from Unsplash that shows two cardboard boxes

Okay so this article is a continuation of the previous article — link. Just like how it’s divided in this guide to flexbox, we’ll be looking what what happens when we edit the flex item’s properties.

Part 4: Examples where we Edit the flex item’s Properties


This property is probably pretty self-explanatory. When you define a few flex items within…

Part 1 of 2— Editing the flex container’s properties

This is the cover image for the article from unsplash — shows a cute cat in a cardboard box

I thought of writing this quick guide when I was going through this super famous “Complete Guide to Flexbox”. I thought maybe people working with Material-UI and React might want a similar guide too — if that’s the case, do read on! ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ♡

Note: In the next article, we’ll be…

Easy-To-Follow Tutorials

A simple tutorial on using React-Three-Fiber with React.

A header image from Unsplash — shows a pineapple with balloons

I love fun websites. ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ♡

When there are some cool effects that add in some element of surprise and interactivity, I always get a little surge of delight when I scroll through it.

Even though vanilla CSS and JavaScript can go a looong way towards creating awesome experiences for your…

Easy-To-Follow Tutorials

A short tutorial of using Plotly.js in React

I’ve written a tutorial on how to visualize interactive 3D networks (or data) with Python Plotly a few months ago and thought maybe it’ll be a good idea to write another one for Plotly.js.

One of the reasons why someone might prefer Plotly.js over Python Plotly could be because of…

The latest tool-kits available for semantic image segmentation

Semantic Image Segmentation tasks are some of the most widely-researched yet difficult to tackle issues in Computer Vision.

Every single pixel in the image will have to be categorized to a specific label — this is a step up from just using bounding boxes in object detection as illustrated by…

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