The 5 most interesting Machine Learning and Deep Learning Projects

Includes a technical summary for each one

Photo by Jonas Denil on Unsplash

1. Toonify Yourself

From Justin Pinkney’s blog — Source from: link

2. Lamphone

From Ben-Gurion University of the Negev & Weizmann Institute of Science — Source from: link

3. GANPaint Studio

By researchers from MIT CSAIL, IBM Research, and the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab — Source from: link

4. Jukebox

Image source from: link
From OpenAI — Source from: link
Figure A — Step 1: Compression (Source from link)
Figure B — Step 2: Generation (Source from link)

5. Engaging Image Captioning via Personality

From Facebook AI Research — Source from: link
Their retrieval architecture — source from: link

6. AI that clones your voice after listening for 5 seconds: link

7. AI that creates real scenes from your photos: link

8. Restoring old images: link

Concluding remarks

When I was reading through the various deep tech related research papers, I really started to worry about how easily these techniques can potentially be misused and cause detrimental consequences to our modern society as a whole. Even though some of them may seem innocuous, the gap between an innocent toy project and a powerful manipulative tool is extremely narrow. I sincerely hope there would be some frameworks or standards soon so we acquire a controlled assistant rather than unleash a monster.

I live for days when I can watch skies of blue, while enjoying the view. Most other days I’m a city rat who scuttles between Art and Coding. SG NTU CS Grad.

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